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Enhance Business Capabilities with IoT & CPaaS Solutions by Airtel


With a 45.5% revenue share in the cellular IoT space, Airtel is a popular household name that is consistently leading the country’s cellular connectivity. The network’s vast involvement in various sectors, including utilities, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare ensures smooth communication between devices, regardless of location. 

With over 20 million supporting devices across India, let us learn how Airtel’s IoT connectivity and CPaaS potential are empowering businesses for today and tomorrow!

Overview: Airtel IoT and CPaaS 

Airtel IoT is an advanced communication platform with a diverse range of connectivity technologies tailored to meet unique business requirements. Its ability to seamlessly connect and manage billions of devices ensures powerful connectivity of uninterrupted workflow. 

On the other hand, Airtel IQ is a network-integrated CPaaS solution, that helps developers implement advanced functions into their applications. With the help of APIs ranging from Voice Call API to video, messaging, and chat features, users can enjoy more interactive experiences. Businesses powered by these solutions hold numerous advantages to unlock new ways of innovation, at a time when technology is advancing forward. 

Meeting the Growing Connectivity Demands

With several years of telecom expertise, Airtel came up with IoT and CPaaS solutions to meet the growing demand for digital transformation. On identifying IoT connectivity and CPaaS solutions like Voice Call API as the key technologies with the potential to turn businesses more intelligent, the company’s in-house engineering teams began developing an omnichannel platform. 

Using its strong infrastructure and cloud capabilities such as NB-IoT, 4G, or 2G, the network launched the following IoT and CPaaS solutions – 

1. Asset Tracking

Provides 360-degree visibility of assets by offering valuable insights on asset condition and performance. It’s an all-in-one solution that manages everything from designing and deploying the hardware to supporting the solution rollout. 

2. Vehicle Telematics

Provides an end-to-end solution of 4G/2G connectivity, telematics hardware, and an advanced analytics SAAS platform. The solution helps companies streamline their fleet operations with features like speed monitoring, engine data transmission, and driver behaviour analysis. 

3. Industrial Asset Monitoring

Provides critical data using a configurable edge gateway device for any type of equipment. The solution allows users to seamlessly manage and monitor complicated equipment, regardless of the industry.

4. Smart Metering

Provides various tools to ensure smooth billing processes for utility companies. The solution offers features like remote meter provisioning & disconnection, automated alerts, CRM integration for better services, and installation of smart meters.

Airtel’s Commitment to Excellence

With over 16 million IoT devices successfully integrated over a multitude of industries, Airtel has helped enterprises scale their businesses as they grow. This scalability has allowed businesses to expand their IoT deployments without worrying about infrastructure limitations.

From powering India‚Äôs first internet car by MG Motor to helping app-based riding services such as Rapido, Airtel has established a collaboration with Meta to jointly invest in global connectivity infrastructure and CPaaS-based new-age digital solutions to support the emerging requirements of customers and enterprises in India. 


In a digitally-driven world where connectivity plays a key role in the growing market, Airtel’s IoT connectivity and CPaaS solutions offer businesses the tools and security to provide exceptional user experiences. By partnering with Airtel, businesses can unlock the full potential of feature-rich technologies like Voice Call API and leverage its transformative power to advance their growth. 

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